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Who Gets the Pets in a Divorce?

Check out Divorce Magazine’s recent article on “Pet Custody” in divorce, an issue that has lead to trial where settlement was on the horizon. Good strategies to help decide. http://www.divorcemag.com/blog/who-gets-the-pets-in-a-divorce-

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Reducing Stress and living better

Hello Fellow Lawyers in Fredericksburg: Our Mediation Firm is happy to send this opportunity to you.  John McLaughlin has been certified as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor and is now offering this Workshop in Fredericksburg.  Mindfulness training is now being offered at law schools and at many of the countries bar association events.  It is rare we have an …

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Mediation Solutions Launch Party

September has been an eventful month for Mediation Solutions. We hosted our official Launch Party on September 10th, bringing together a range of community members and organizations to support the association of quality Mediators from bench and bar locally for the first time.  As we continue to be active in bettering the experience and quality of life in our city, our …

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